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T-Seps Automated Color Separation Software
Color Separations Made Easy! Compatible with all CC versions and older!

T-Seps Time to upgrade your art department
Are you tired of struggling trying to print high-end photorealistic images on garments? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time running the business? Are you an artist who knows Photoshop but doesn’t really understand screen printing on dark garments? Are you stuck doing vector spot color images in Corel or Adobe Illustrator and have a hard time separating complex images in those programs? It’s time to update your Art Department with T-Seps! T-Seps is the big brother to Scott Fresener’s original FastFilms.

You can put T-Seps on TWO computers!

Thousands of customers worldwide
T-Seps is used by thousands of shops worldwide with well over 13,000 users worldwide and over a MILLION separations done since it was first introduced as FastFilms in1999! Check out our History HERE. It will be your secret weapon in doing better and higher quality printing on light and dark shirts. If you bought a shirt in the last 19 years at a concert, sporting event, from a department store, or featuring a major movie or celebrity – chances are it was color separated with T-Seps!

New Low Price
In order to allow more shops the ability to do great color separations we have lowered the price of T-Seps 3.0 and 3.5.5 to only $349 and T-Seps 2.0.2 to $275. Plus, you can put T-Seps on TWO computers.

FREE Photoshop Training
Unlike the “other guys” we feel if you know Photoshop you will have more success and fun with T-Seps. We are now including our online Photoshop Course for FREE when you buy a full version of T-Seps. That includes 27 videos and almost five hours of training. Details HERE.

Check out our Gallery of samples sent in by customers to see the type of work you can do with T-Seps. Download free Sample Files and print them out. You will be amazed at the type of work you can now do. Download our 20 day fully functioning Free Trial and do some jobs with it!

And…. if you have any questions or need help simply give us a call or send email! You get personal support directly with developer and industry veteran Scott Fresener. 

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