T-Seps has a LOT of Additional Features
T-Seps is great at doing color separations but it also has some great additional features that fixes bad artwork, does special effects, helps with film output and much more. T-Seps 2.0 and 3.0/3.5.5 have all of the following routines. T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5 has a number of additional routines along with the Halftone Converter routine built in with many more features.

Special Image Effects
Jazz up images with eye catching effects. Choose from five different edge effects to liven up images. This video is from T-Seps 2.0 but the effects work the same in T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5.

  Running Edge Efffects Routine (3:55)



Distressed Look
Yes, the washed and worn look it still very hot. T-Seps has the BEST routine in the industry to give your images a washed and worn look. And, you can choose from a variety of levels of worn PLUS there are other image effects that can be applied to give the entire image a unique distressed look. This video is from T-Seps 2.0 but the effects work the same in T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5.
  The Distressed Looks (3:56)

Upsample Low Quality Images 
This routine is magic. You can upsample a very low resolution/low quality image to the final size and be amazed at how crisp the edges look. Our proprietary algorithm performs miracles. This video is from T-Seps 2.0 but the effects work the same in T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5.
  Upsample Low Quality Images Routine (2:23)

Convert Photographs & Colored Images to Black & White

This is another great routine. It will convert most full-color images to a respectable black and white line drawing. This video is from T-Seps 2.0 but the effects work the same in T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5.

  Convert Images to Black and White Drawing (1:20)



Improve Poor JPG Images 
A lot of images you get are low resolution and low quality JPG files. Our JPG Enhancement routine improves the quality of poor JPG images. It helps remove artifacts and the “boxes” you get with very low quality JPG images. This video is from T-Seps 2.0 but the effects work the same in T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5.
 Improve JPG Images (3:14)



 Instant Registration Marks 
Photoshop has very small registration marks good for paper printing but not good for garment screen printing. T-Seps has three different size registration marks (small, medium and large) that you can easily place on your films. This routine is available in all versions of T-Seps. This video is from T-Seps 2.0 but the effects work the same in T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5. In fact in T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5 you get the choice of center registration marks and different sizes to choose from.
  Registration Target routine(3:49)


Halftone Routine

If you can’t afford a software RIP we have basic halftone routine that simply converts the file to halftones for output to an inkjet or laser printer. This is a low cost solution for outputting halftones. In T-Seps 2.0 the halftone frequency, angle and dot shape is preset. In T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5 you have more control and the ability to change the frequency, angle and dot shape.

For the ultimate in output control a software RIP like T-RIP controls the amount of ink deposited on the film, lets you print black in from all of the ink slots, and gives a denser/darker image than possible from a standard inkjet printer. This is especially critical when trying to expose small halftone dots.

Note: a traditional rip tells an inkjet printer how much ink to lay down and how many passes for the inkjet head to make. The T-Seps “rip” simply converts the image/channels to a bitmap that is halftoned. There is no ink control or inkjet printer control built in. Some inkjet printers don’t lay down enough ink for a good positive without a RIP.
Extensive HELP
T-Seps has extensive Help menus built in. Each routine prompts you for the correct file type and procedure. There is a complete section of Help menus on how to improve the artwork quality. Easy! 
Detailed Reference Manual
T-Seps has an very detailed Reference Manual (in FIVE languages). It even has a great section on how to use Adobe Photoshop and how to improve the quality of the original artwork. The manual has a great Troubleshooting section and lots of help on how to make the most of your great separations by telling the secrets and tips of good high-end screen printing. Download a manual from our Downloads Page HERE.
Optional T-RIP Software For High Quality Film Output
T-RIP is our latest product and it was designed to work with T-Seps/FastFilms or any automated color separation program. T-RIP works with Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It is a Windows based program but we have Mac users running T-RIP on Intel based computers with Windows emulation.It is easy to use and automatically converts the image to halftone dots and allows you to set the halftone frequency, angle, and dot shape. It has total control of the printer and tells it to lay down a heavier ink deposit at high resolution. See more details here and download a 15-day free trial.
Free Toll Free Phone and Email Support
Support is done by Scott Fresener. Simply call 480-212-1078 or toll free 1/888-801-1561 or email your question (and sample file) and you will get fast response to all of your questions. Support hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm M-F MST. If you have a job that is due simply call and leave a message that you need a call back and Scott will call you night or day.
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